21 life lessons for 21 years

21 years of life, what the fuck.

When I was a teenager I really thought I would die young. Like never reach 21 young. Now that I'm here it's like what do I now? That said, I thought a lovely way to celebrate would be to share all the lessons life has taught me up to this point.

  1. perspective over perception: nothing in life is poetic we turn it into poetry.

  2. five by five rule; if it won't matter in 5 years, don't spend more than 5 minutes thinking about it.

  3. I am only responsible for my own emotions.

  4. beauty comes from inside first.

  5. no one can define you, but let mfs assume all day long.

  6. it's okay to give your story a plot twist.

  7. you're responsible for how you allow other people to treat you.

  8. it's okay to reprogram yourself.

  9. you will have to forgive those who were never sorry.

  10. the truth isn't always black and white.

  11. fear is just a feeling.

  12. love is a language; learn to speak it.

  13. your skills are your most valuable asset - ALL OF THEM

  14. silence can solve many problems.

  15. there are lessons to learn from every situation.

  16. I am bigger than my thoughts.

  17. not everyone will understand where you’re coming from.

  18. common sense ain’t so common.

  19. dreams are worth chasing.

  20. protect your energy first.

  21. if you’re the smartest mf in the room, you’re in the wrong room. (special thanks to my uncle for this one)

Let me know did you guys take away a lesson from this post? Share a lesson you've learned over the years with me in the comments. Don't forget to hit me up on all my socials twitter and Instagram. Make sure you're following the EVP Magazine IG page and until next time don't do anything I wouldn't do!

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