6 editing apps you need.

Updated: Aug 30, 2020

What's good y'all? Guess who's back with another one. (It's me, ya girl) by my ever so obvious title, you already know why your here. I'm about to give you the secrets as to how I got my Instagram POPPIN' okay. So, buckle up and grab a snack while I tell you the apps that make me Instagram instagorgeous. (I can't pick what's worse the fact that I'm that corny or that I'm okay with leaving the word 'instagorgeous' in my post)


She is the OG. I think we all know and have some kind of relationship with this app if you don’t, hello. This app is dope because you can essentially make your own filter.


Now I feel like we’re not talking about this app enough. It does everything the original afterlight does plus more. I mainly use it for its curve feature, dust, and light leaks.


This app completes a lot of my vintage theme with all their vintage editing options. Majority of the time I use this app for the light leaks and adding timestamps.


This is the Queen, all your favorite influencers have it. It can fix anything, but I only use it if I want to make whites whiter in a photo.


This is only for if you ever need to put text on a picture. It has different tools to give you control on how it should look.


Have you ever taken a picture and liked everything except one thing? If you answered yes then you snapseed and the selective feature will be your Bestfriend.


Not really an editing app, but still gold. I use this app to preview my insta feed, draft captions, and make sure my feed stays cohesive. Not to mention it’s free!

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