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Updated: Aug 30, 2020

Whats good babies? We're here for another day of ARIA inspired content. That being said, Aria always makes me feel like my Instagram is killing shit. I appreciate the way she can come to me for input too. So, to honor her continued support of my wild a*s Instagram feed I decided to let y'all in on my thought process in relation to trying to express a general vibe, feeling, or look within your Instagram feed. I understand, that last statement probably doesn't make a whole lot of sense, but everything will be explained. Just keep reading.


While there are numerous categories that you can try to make your ideal aesthetic conform to, you should really search for more. I know y'all have heard that term 'niche' [short def: having specialized appeal to a special market.] Niche doesn't just apply to the type of content you create but also to the aesthetic of said content. They don't have to make sense either. For instance, right now I'd say that my niche is "stories told by a vintage soul." Vintage, relating to my style of editing and stories, relating to my 9 series posting format.


Now, hear me out. I know all the numbers and the algorithm is important. However, just because someone may have switched to a certain aesthetic or has good "numbers" in reaction to their content doesn't mean it will work for you. Don't do anything based on previous or even current results of others.

*tip: execution is everything. anyone can take influence from someone's style, but low performers will always reveal themselves when there is no added originality.


Not to circle back to my first point too much, but I cannot stress this enough. Find as much inspiration as you can. The more inspiration you find, the more opportunity you have to create an aesthetic you like and therefore, will be more inclined to stick to. Begin by gathering all the types of content you like and would like to create yourself. Then, you can then take all those new found approaches to aesthetics (in respect to whatever your niche is of course) and begin to determine what aesthetics from the things you found you're down to experiment with versus what aesthetics just look good from a distance. Keep in mind the internet is a huge place don't just look for inspiration in one place. Pinterest, Tumblr, Twitter, and so many others can provide the inspiration you may need as well.

*tip: after you find ideas you like (before you commit to any particular aesthetic) take a variety of photos (ranging with different subjects and environments) and edit them to make sure it is a style you like and are willing to stay consistent with.

*tip x2: try using a feed planning app (I use postvu) to experiment with how your feed would look as a whole versus just the style of editing on a couple of photos and having to guess.


We're all human beings, and each of us is subject to change. If you find an aesthetic you really like and stick to it for three months, shit if you find aesthetic you get obsessed with and only stick for to it for 3 days. Do what you gotta do you. Do whatever you need to make content that will excite you, in order to make content that will excite others.

*tip: as humans, we tend to like a certain level of consistency every now and again. so, try to ride out a theme for a little while before you switch it up.

*fun fact: this tip is one that it took me a while to realize, but is now one of the reasons my Instagram looks the way it does. I can't commit to a full-on aesthetic, because to me that's too hard. however, I can commit to a consistent style and I can commit to moments.


I don't think I really need to elaborate on this one, but I will do it just for y'all, ready? STOP, giving a fuck and that advice goes so much further than aesthetics. When you become so concerned with the type of response the content will generate you will overthink to a point where you end up just scraping the idea as a whole. Whenever you make content that you are proud of it will reflect in the final product.

*tip: care about your content enough to want it to please, but don't care so much you lose yourself trying to do so. remember: you will never get to decide how people and the world will interpret your content.

I hope everything I said made sense, and that somebody took at least something useful from this post. If any extra clarifications are needed let me know in the comments. Don’t forget to hit me up on all my socials @sadeslogic and until next time, don’t do nothing I wouldn’t do.

Much love,



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