What's good babies? The time has finally come for y' all to witness the outcome of my sit-down with BRANWUZHERE. B took the time to put his faux fur coat to the side and share some of the interworkings of his thoughts. He speaks to us from the heart on things ranging from his artistic journey & upcoming projects to his best advice for aspiring creatives and entrepreneurs.

As an artist who is able to recognize his strengths and weaknesses, BRANWUZHERE naturally gave so much beautiful and inspiring dialect (that is the nicest way to say he takes the scenic route when he talks lol) that it was impossible to condense it all into a single post. That being said, don't forget to be on the lookout on my Instagram (@sadeslogic) for clips from the interview with things you won't find below. This is also the very first episode of Rollin' Wit Da Homies so please enjoy the fuck out of this!

Here he is unapologetic and uncensored, with every word typed to try and capture the essence of his personality and energy. Ladies and Gentleman, I present to you BRANWUZHERE...

SEANTIERRE: "So, this more a question for me because I don't even know myself, What got you started with music?"

BRANWUZHERE: "I started recording myself fucking around with cassettes at like eight— that Christmas I asked my mom,— like I only wanted Michael Jackson memorabilia. I don't know if it was like, I was tryna finesse it. Like was it the entrepreneur in me that wanted to collect it and sell it later, or if I was obsessed with how multi-faceted he was as an artist."

"But, he also was everywhere ... he was ingrained in the culture. I always thought not only could he sing, not only could he dance, but that n*gga had lunch boxes ... and I know all that other shit going on right now, but that don't change, I was eight. ... He touched people through writing a song, I've never seen anything have a bigger impact than that."

S: "What are some improvements you think you need to make as a musician?"

B: "I've got a few. One of the biggest things I've had to overcome lately ... I had that mother hen syndrome. I had trouble letting go of my babies and letting the world— and like the market decide how they feel about 'em. I was holding on to everything ... I was thinking about it so hard— I think that was a big thing I had to overcome."

"I think life helped me be like fuck it - like I'm at this point right now where I'm bout to just drop a song every week ... I think as an artist that was a big thing I had to overcome. As a musician, I think what I'm working on the most now— first figuring out how to do this shit the right way. I had to reach a comfortability with the quality of sound, because like I said, I listened to a thousand albums at least. So, I know what good shit sound like and that was a struggle for me. Knowing I've always been there lyrically, I've always been able to play shit, do shit. But does it sound— will people feel how I feel when they listen to it because.. I could be jaded...

Lately though as a musician what I got to work on right now, is song arrangement, and structure ... I gotta get better with my arrangement and how songs flow."

S: "What is your opinion on the rap scene right now?

B: "I don't believe in what a lot of people are saying, 'The golden era passed.' I think this is The Golden Era. I think that was the Golden era of that time - but there's never been a time where there's this many DOPE artist existing at one time, and everybody can eat an people have options. There's no gatekeeper no more, so people have options ... I think shit is the best it's ever been, I don't give a fuck what nobody say. They be talking bout' lyrics and content an allat. I'm like all we can rap about is what we know, how does that shit make you feel though?"

S: "Do you have any hidden talents?"

B: "Hidden talents... I can drink with the best of them - no, hahaha... I have a genuine desire— business and marketing excite me in a way that it doesn't most people. I am an avid fan of figuring out humans and studyin' they patterns ... That does help with the music, but I'm excited by things that come with the business. I always rather been Diddy than just another rapper."

S: "What values do you think you bring to the music industry?"

B: "Authenticity, emotion, honesty, umm... I don't know a word for this but I reached a point where whenever something happens to me. Right then, in that moment I can turn it into something that can make you feel that... so, I guess that real-time documentation— that's why I've kind of been itching to drop shit. I'm gonna start— like if I make a song that night, put it out. If I'm going through it right now, why not? There' somebody out there."

"umm, artistry I can do everything myself. Nobody really touches it ... also, I try really hard to make something new and unexpected to give you so many different vibes. Whatever you might be feeling, I wanna make a song for everything I've ever felt and anything anyone could ever feel. I wanna bring that true artistry back."

S: "Plans for 2019?"

B: "Well I make multiple songs a day, so more music. My n*ggas are telling me 'Bran we need more visuals. You gotta go harder with more visuals.' So, I think more visual content. I just think being creative with other content I put out an how I— I don't know if you remember when I dropped the album and did like the whole week of content for each song... It got people involved and it wasn't about me. It was about the music and the message of the music, you know what I'm saying? I want people to feel invested in me how I feel invested in them..."

"Definitely the new collection from A-N-D, A Natural Disaster. That shit is coming and its gon' be fuckin' nuts. We really expanding all the passions— just figuring out how we can keep diversifying the portfolio."

S: "Advice for aspiring hustlers, musicians, artists, entrepreneurs, & creatives."

B: "This is gonna take me back to the previous question of what I could do better. I think what we could all do better is, one, like I said before we gotta stop judging ourselves ... put as much shit out as you can, everywhere. I think also, once you can reach that level of confidence, put that shit in the hands of as many people as you can because it is more obtainable than it has ever been. If you got the talent, and the work ethic to do it, just keep putting yo shit out there and as much as you can. There's no wrong answers with this shit ... Stop creating excuses, do as much as you can, be as creative as you can. Go fucking hard, and Whatever your craft is don't settle for regular."

Alright, so that is all I got. However, keep looking at Instagram for clips from the interview of things I didn't include in this post...

My goal with these is to not only introduce y'all to my talented ass friends, but I want y'all to leave my post with almost as much love as I have for them. If not love, at the very least interest to go follow up and see what else that they got hiding in the cut.

Let me know in the comments will y'all check out BRANWUZHERE more after today? Improvements for the next interview? First impressions on BRANWUZHERE? Drop allat in the comments! BRANWUZHERE's socials will be linked below don't forget to stop by his shit, and until next time don't do nothing I wouldn't do!




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