4 reasons why you should start a journal.

Despite the desire to start a blog, I've never been one to write just for myself. I've been able to kill an assignment easy, but writing like Moesha was never my preferred form of entertainment.

Now, don’t think this is the story of how I used quarantine to fill a journal. While 2020 is responsible for a lot of the pages in it, the journal I’m talking about took 3 years to finish. However, I don’t regret how long it took to finish. This journal is filled with some of my highest and lowest moments from ages 18-21.

the memories

It’s rewarding to look back at honestly. I have an entry from the KOD tour Chicago show, letters written to people I no longer even speak to, and the last of my teenage years. It’s more than just having a picture to remind me. It’s a record of my thoughts to match the photos of those precious moments, and that is purely unmatched.

the growth/perspective

Since it is a journal mostly from my teenage years it is crazy to be able to literally see my mindset shift and be reshaped within these pages. I‘ve grown in so many ways since the beginning of that journal. When I forget how far I’ve come and I can look back at it to be remind myself I’ve chosen change before and I can always do it again.

the freedom

Okay genuinely tell me where else can you talk, so reckless without judgement? Nobody to remind you of what is right or wrong. Just space for you to FREELY go off without criticism. I feel that this point stands on its own, so I won’t drag it out.

the healing

I’ve done a lot of emotional, mental, and spiritual healing at the hands of my journal. Whether that be through using prompts or just writing through the things I’m feeling and reaching a point of self-actualization. I could write a whole post about how journaling has significantly accelerated healing in different areas of my life.


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