Updated: Aug 4, 2020

In my own special way to celebrate my 21 years of life here is 21 days of blogging (technically my birthday was last month, but this idea was always planned for august.) Day 1 is all dedicated to the 'origin' of EVP Magazine.

WHO? In short EVP Magazine is me. It is an extension of me and all the things I allow myself to get lost in. It is a concept designed to disrupt conventional thought, empower, encourage, and connect people (specifically of the creative variety.)

WHAT? Evocative Perception is currently a Magazine trapped in the body of a blog. However, by my own definition Evocative Perception is the action of bringing strong images, memories, or feelings to mind through the use of intuitive understanding and insights. Which is a lot of words to say it's the process of making you feel something through others' understandings of life. EVP is made to make you question your thought process and approach to ideas because with creativity there are no rules, but rather suggested guidelines.

WHEN? EVP Magazine has truly been growing in my subconscious since 2016, but it has been a 'tangible' idea since The spring of 2018.

Now for the question that everyone seems to ask me and yet I never seem to have a stable response because I can think of a thousand ways to answer this question. Not to mention the idea changes as I grow more and more every day, but here's the answer I came up with for now...

WHY? Growing up for me creativity was the one place I found that my personality was not only allowed but was supposed to be bold without rules or expectations. EVP gives me space to create in all the languages my soul speaks, and to create an archive of inspiration. EVP is my way of celebrating creativity and while I'm working out the kinks every day. I created EVP Magazine as a place to find entertainment to learn and be inspired by. I honestly would love to make a video dedicated to why, because every piece serves a purpose, the same way every rhyme has a reason.

At the end of the day, EVP Magazine is many things to me. To you, it might just some words slapped on to a webpage. The vision is yours to interpret or to dismiss. Choose wisely.

Tune in the EVP Magazine Instagram page as I try to get into daily posting there.

And if you would like to see more of me and my energy then don't forget to follow my Instagram and Twitter as well.


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