6 TIPS FOR LAZY NATURALS [From a Type 4 curl friend]

Updated: Aug 30, 2020

I've noticed that there is this connotation that being natural is hard work. While that can be true it doesn't have to be everything you see your favorite youtube hair gurus do. Taking care of your hair doesn't have to be complicated. That said, here are 6 tips to sneak into your everyday routines and help even the laziest natural hair queen or king.

water + aloe vera juice + leave-in conditioner are your best friends

No matter how lazy you consider yourself with your hair you will see nothing but stress and breakage if you're not moisturizing every day or at least every other day. That being said this mixture of 2 parts water: 1 part aloe vera juice: 1 part leave-in, is the easiest thing you can do. Add it to a spray bottle, shake it up (before each use), then spray it all over your hair. Water and leave-in are good for obvious reasons, but aloe vera is a game-changer. Aloe contains enzymes that repair dead skin cells on the scalp. It leaves your hair smooth and shiny while promoting hair growth. Aloe also prevents itching on the scalp, reduces dandruff, and conditions your hair.

if you can't commit to a bonnet or scarf just buy the pillowcase

if you're anything like me you fall asleep without covering your hair most days of the week and that's a problem. Especially if you're falling asleep on a cotton pillowcase which will do nothing but cause friction, and consequently dry your hair out and cause breakage. This is an easy problem to fix, so do yourself a favor and buy yourself a satin or silk pillowcase and rest easy. (not spons)

you can delay but don't deny your hair of deep conditioning day

Honestly, you can more than likely push off wash day longer than the average bear, because they're so many deciding factors that go into how often you need to have a wash day. However, that doesn't mean you should ignore weekly or biweekly deep conditioning. After a few times, your hair will become easier to manipulate because it will be moisturized and easier to retain moisture.

low manipulation styles >>> tight styles

I love a sew-in, box braid, or faux locs as much as the next girl, but just like you, your hair needs her space. If you are not giving your hair time to breathe in between styles or even moisturizing your hair while in the styles you're doing more harm then good. Give your hair a break in between major styles, oil your scalp while wearing major styles, do fewer styles that add tension to your scalp, and maybe invest in a lace front wig if you into that.

castor oil every day keep ya edges thriving bae

In a world full of edge control your edges deserve love too. After cleaning the edge control out of your edges, apply leave-in conditioner, and a little castor oil. Castor is a sealant and promotes hair growth by increasing blood circulation in your scalp. Plus, it also improves hair flexibility, decreases the chance of breakage, and fights dandruff.

stop blaming your hair

y'all probably upset this one even made the list, but I'm serious. You cannot blame your hair for acting in correlation to how you treat it. if you are not doing everything at your disposal to make your hair act right, how can you be mad? No shade this is a safe space, just some food for thought.

I hope I told you something you didn't know already I actually have more tips than this o let me know if y'all need another one. I'll definitely be making more hair content because I love my crown and want to help others love there's too. Don't forget to follow my socials @sadeslogic and until the next one, don't do nothing I wouldn't do.



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