you never even met love | poetry by: s.s.

Updated: Aug 30, 2020

What's good babies this is something different I'm doing today. I've performed my poetry for y'all on my instagram. (videos available on my IGTV @sadeslogic) However, I have never posted a poem for y'all to read and take in on your own. So, as a way to pay respect to one of my favorite home girls, ARIA. I'm doing just that. She always tells me that I have a way with words, so I figured what better way to start this week of ARIA inspired content then by dropping some poetry for y'all, for the first time, on the blog.

That being said please enjoy this little poem I've been working on for quite sometime now. It hits different just like most things I do, but I hope y'all still enjoy it. Don't forget to follow my socials @sadeslogic, enjoy the poem, and until next time don't do nothing I wouldn't do.


Forever seems gloomy without you

but it also seems exhausting with you

You know, you never said you love me before now and I think I know why

you wouldn’t know Love if it slithered on to your shoulder and tried to convince you to do unspeakable acts

Love is a stranger to you that plays sidekick to your big homie Lust.

He makes you move his weight for him and convinces you that love is a goofy.

He feast on your insecurities to keep your solidarity in his loneliness.

He feeds your high for passion while you ignore intuition.

He manipulates your potential through his use of periphrasis, and you continue to remain oblivious.

Nevertheless, you rest your trust in his lies, and somehow you make deceit look so fly.

But despite the way you fly by your intentions never lie.

You pride yourself on no commitment and no ties.

For me that type of life holds nothing but disguise.

Shadowing emotion under layers upon layers of duplicity is not for me.

And that’s why we’ll never be.

Because you’ll never know love with that heart and without love you’ll never know me.




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